his Norwegian Pro Team has been part of Ski Classics for many years. Their names may not ring a bell to people watching the Pro Tour, as the team members keep changing yearly. Most skiers are still quite young and somewhat inexperienced in long-distance skiing.

Sigurd Sollien Hulbak, Jonathan Hedbys, and Henning Lie are the best-known athletes on the team. They all can be top-50 skiers on a good day. Sigurd pushed himself to the top 50 at Årefjällsloppet, where he finished 41st, and at Jizerská50, he was quite close with his 53rd place. He was present at six Pro Tour events and finished among the 85 best skiers in every race.

Jonathan also did six races and managed to be in the top 50 twice: 43rd at Tartu Ski Maraton and 50th at Årefjällsloppet. He was a solid top 80 skier in every race except Birkebeinerrennet, where he had to let 108 skiers finish before him. Henning also twice became a top 50 skier: 50th at Jizerská50 and 43rd at Årefjällsloppet. He finished five Pro Tour events, and his worst place was 78th.

Hans Marius Klevmoen has no data available. Jonas Bergli has not yet raced in Ski Classics, but he did Alliansloppet this summer and finished 88th. Per Ingvar Tollehaug is a 19-year-old junior skier who still has many years to develop his skills and endurance. He finished Birken as the 112th-best skier. Qinghang He is a Chinese reinforcement who finished 155th at Birken and 172nd at Vasaloppet.

The three women on the team were all born in this century and thus have many more years to grow and get more experience. Solveig Steen Hofstad finished 52nd at Birken, while Karen Amalie Nordseth was a bit faster with her 35th place. Jenny Elise Haagen Haakstad finished 56th at Vasaloppet and 63rd at Birken.

This team comes with youthful enthusiasm, and their rapture is contagious. There is potential among these youngsters, and the three best male skiers can take some concrete steps towards greater results if they have worked hard enough during the dry-land season.

Team Synnfjell

  • Country: Norway
  • Pro Team Director: Geir Kvillum
  • Pro Team Ranking: 28


AthleteCountryGenderDate of Birth
Jonas BergliNORM18.03.1997
Solveig Steen HofstadNORW24.02.2003
Karen Amalie NordsethNORW11.08.2000
Sigurd Sollien HulbakNORM20.07.1995
Jonathan HedbysSWEM02.06.1992
Qinghang HeCHNM27.12.1997
Hans-Marius KlevmoenNORM21.12.1995
Jenny Elise Haagen HaakstadNORW03.07.2001
Per Ingvar TollehaugNORM08.04.2003
Henning LieNORM24.09.1990

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